Albury TAFE apprentice wins a coveted spot in Fonterra Proud to be a Chef program SS&A

Albury TAFE apprentice wins a coveted spot in Fonterra Proud to be a Chef program

Albury TAFE Commercial Cookery teacher David O’Dea congratulates second-year apprentice Arlyn Ramirez on her successful application for a competitive professional development program.

An Albury mum has earned a coveted spot at one of the nation’s most prestigious apprentice chef mentorship programs.

Philippines-born Arlyn Ramirez was announced as one of 32 apprentices selected for the Proud to be a Chef professional development program, where she hopes to learn the pastry chef skills needed for her career.

“I was overwhelmed that they chose me,” Ms Ramirez said. “I feel like I am floating on the air.

“I [hope to] eat in the notable restaurants and improve my skills and self confidence.

“I can see my dream: I am the owner of my own business.

” Proud to be a Chef sees apprentices study under industry leaders, visit restaurants and markets, and compete in an intense final cook-off of their signature dishes.

Ms Ramirez has been practising her signature dessert, a chocolate fondant with raspberry sauce, as the four-day program approaches.

“I love making sweets. I am comfortable making sweets,” Ms Ramirez said

Ms Ramirez found her apprenticeship off the back of language studies with Albury TAFE’s migrant English program shortly after moving to Australia five years ago. After a poster for the commercial cookery school on campus piqued her interest, she will finish this year a second-year apprentice.

Ms Ramirez is the fifth Albury TAFE apprentice to have been accepted into Proud to be a Chef under the mentorship of Commercial Cookery teacher David O’Dea.

Mr O’Dea said he was moved to support Ms Ramirez, whom he said could do anything she put her mind to. He said his previous students who participated in the program had gone on to celebrated careers, with one opening an award-winning restaurant in Taiwan

“I’m only where I am because good people helped me, so I try to recognise talent and create opportunity for my students,” Mr O’Dea said.

“It recognises all the hard work that she’s done.”