Border Robotics Club Championship SS&A Community Support

Border Robotics Club competing in the Vex Robotics Championship

Hosted in Dallas, U.S, supported by the Albury SS&A Club!

The following are transcript/quotes from their interview w/ Kylie & Matt on Radio 2AY:

Matt: “Three 14yr old boys have gained 1 of only 9 spots in the Vex World Robotic Championship in Dallas USA in May this year, where teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot in a game-based engineering challenge. That is extraordinary!”
Kylie: “you’ve brought Renee in who is very much a part of this as well. Renee, how proud are you of the boys from your club?”
Renee: “it’s amazing, it’s just such a huge opportunity for the boys to be able to take on the challenge and it sets them up for their careers later in life as well, it’s just going to be amazing”
Matt: “One of only nine spots worldwide and you’re going over to Dallas to take part and represent the Border. How did that come about?”
Renee: “So we competed in December last year for Nationals, and qualified, and after Nationals we ranked 3rd which gave us a spot for Worlds qualification… It was huge and very unbelievable… They’ve come off being able to compete virtually due to Covid, and this year is going to be their year they can get on a plane and off we go!”
Kylie: “and fundraising…?”
Renee: “fundraising is just kicking off, and we’ve had huge support from the local community. SS&A… Premiere Building & Construction have got on board, we’ve also had a great opportunity from Evolve Orthodontics, and we’ve got an amazing movie event coming up”.
Matt: “Sam, how do you think you’re going to go?”
Sam: “I think we’re going to go well. We’re planning on doing a few design changes to the robot to improve our scoring. What we’ve got planned should dramatically increase our scores.
Matt: “That’s fantastic… we’d love to know how you go. It’s in May and in Dallas and you’re representing the whole of Australia, as well as of course right here on the Border. Thank you for coming in”
Renee: “Thank you for helping support the boys in this great adventure that they’re heading off too”.