Albury Wodonga Health SS&A Donation Community Support

Albury Wodonga Health has described a $60,000 donation from the SS&A as “absolutely amazing”

Paediatric nurse unit manager Samantha Peet said the money had gone towards the purchase of a treatment room bed, ECG machine, bladder scanner, syringe drivers and paediatric surgical equipment.
About 3500 children go through the 16-bed unit each year.
“The state-of-the-art equipment gives us the opportunity to provide the best possible care to our patients,” Samantha said.
“We are so lucky and privileged to have a partnership with the SS&A.
“I mean that from the bottom of my heart as community support is so important.”
Samantha said the treatment room bed would be used every day for procedures.
“Our old one was really old as it has had a lot of ongoing repairs,” she said.
“The new one is less intimidating with its coloured bed rails and beautiful detail around the bottom.
“It’s fantastic and is just that little more friendly looking for the kids.”
The ECG machine is state of the art.
“What’s amazing about this one is it allows us to use all 12 leads so it gives us a better overview of how the heart is functioning,” Samantha said.
“It’s blue tooth as well so you can put a small device next to the kids and then the big main machine stands outside the room.
“It’s good not to have the big chunky equipment in the room right next to the kids.”
Samantha said the SS&A had been a strong supporter of AWH.
“The SS&A bought an amazing ultrasound machine last year for midwifery in Wodonga,” she said.
“Gerard (Darmody) and his team have been fantastic.”