Live and Free

Australian Rolling Stones
Friday July 29th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
The music behind The Australian Rolling Stones Show has come to our generation from British rockers The Rolling Stones. The ‘Stones’ have produced some of the most legendary music of our time with over 200 million albums sold, countless Gold & Platinum albums plus hit singles. They have performed thousands of shows and are unparalleled in terms of success and fame.

Ledd Asprin
Saturday August 6th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Ledd Asprin has been playing their own brand of rock & roll and blues for years in the Border region. Now, due to popular demand, they are appearing at SS&A and look certain to rock the house down. With a reputation as a hard rockin’ band they will have you jumping all evening. Don’t miss this one!

Blood, Sweat & Beers
Friday August 12th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
The book, BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS – OZ ROCK FROM THE AZTECS TO ROSE TATTOO begins in the late 1960s when Lobby Loyde was blowing up amplifiers on such a regular basis that equipment had to be specially constructed. King of the Sunbury festivals, and former child star, Billy Thorpe then took massive amplification to another level, making history along the way when his band, the Aztecs, pulled as many as 300,000 people to the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.

Hotel California
Saturday August 13th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Sit back, relax and close your would swear you were hearing the soulful, haunting sounds of one of music’s all-time greatest bands – the Eagles. The Eagles have given us 30 years of musical artistry both, as a group, and as individual artists. Hell Freezes Over, the Essential Eagles Experience covers their old, their new, their ballads, and those socially and politically provocative hits everybody has come to love.

Spicy Girls
Friday August 19th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Get ready as THE SPICY GIRLS are here to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

Aussie Gold
Saturday August 20th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
AUSSIE GOLD will have your entire audience rocking, reminiscing and singing along to decades of classic Australian hits.

Idle Fret
Saturday August 27th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Brace yourselves…there’s a rock n roll storm coming, with Albury/Wodonga’s IDLE FRET set to deliver maximum carnage with their thundering debut record ‘Reborn’.