Live and Free

Thunder Road
Saturday March 24th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
A cracking band that will have you wishing for more.

Friday March 30th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Stardust is a dedicated Bowie show made by Bowie believers! The shows diverse cast come from hard rock girl band Mother, The Fabric and even Draculas.

Stand & Deliver
Sunday April 1st

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Come and join us for an awesome night of jaw dropping costumes, massive hair & copious amounts of glitter.

Elvis to the T
Friday April 6th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
The Back to Back Winner of the Elvis Down Under Competition is coming to the SS&A!

The Red Empire
Saturday April 7th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
The Red Empire hold a genuine passion for the way in which they cover songs and the result is an eye catching and entertaining performance on stage. Now they bring their impressive show to SS&A!

Funhouse - The Pink Experience
Friday April 13th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
With a full live bad and beautifully choreographed dancers, this show will keep the party going well into the night!

J.R. Reyne
Saturday April 21st

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
A debut album at the age of 20, time fronting bands Rushcutter and The Paradise Three, and a global solo-show. J.R. Reyne arrives at the SS&A to delight fans just in time to showcase his new album Go On Easy, which is out now.

Sons of Motherless Goats
Saturday April 21st

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
With their trademark rock and roll vibe blended with a dash of sax, you will be up and about and rocking on the dance floor well into the night. Don’t miss this!

Monday Saints
Saturday April 28th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
The third instalment of grunge from Monday Saints comes to the SS&A. Don't miss out!