Stardust – The Bowie Show

Stardust - The Bowie Show

Friday November 2nd - Live Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

Stardust is a dedicated Bowie show made by Bowie believers!
The shows diverse cast come from hard rock girl band Mother and other Melbourne musical entities as The Fabric and Ad Astra .
Stardust’s Musical director and guitarist “JJ” has played at the Mick Ronson memorial concert in Hull UK (by invitation of Bowie’s sound man Robin Mayhew) with some former Bowie members from the Spiders, Rats and The Hype.
The Stardust show is divided into two parts. The first being Bowies “Ziggy” era and the second being Bowies hits from the mid 70s onwards. Wonderful costumes and a dedication to the finer details of Bowies sound- make this show exceptional in its vision and authenticity.