The Ledd Zeppelin Experience – Hammer of the Gods

The Ledd Zeppelin Experience - Hammer of the Gods

Friday December 8th - Live Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

Led Zeppelin fans – you are about to witness the legendary British supergroup in all its glory and excesses! Widely hailed as “the best Led Zeppelin band on the planet,” (Dennis D’Amico), The Led Zeppelin Experience, Hammer of the Gods Tour is pounding its way to you soon, all the way from the USA. Rolling Stones magazine credited the band for keeping the Zeppelin spirit alive. This is an authentic reproduction of Led Zeppelin’s ground breaking stage show, so faithfully recreated that original band member, John Paul Jones said that “I never have to worry about touring with my band again.” The band, formerly known as No Quarter has been wowing audiences all over the world in their authentic tribute stage show for more than 15 years. Band members take on the characters of John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and bring each of them to the stage in their absolute prime. The Led Zeppelin Experience capture all of the subtle nuances and mannerisms of the characters they are representing. Fans who have seen the original band will think they have returned and will have the opportunity to relive the magic. Fans who never had the chance to witness the supergroup won’t believe their luck and will finally get to experience the iconic show for the first time. Witness a moment in history come to life and don’t miss the pounding, haunting experience of The Ledd Zeppelin Experience, Hammer of the Gods tour.