Australian Doors Show

Australian Doors Show

Saturday June 16th - Live Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

Supported by Jared James.

Absolutely Live The Doors Show recreates the energy that existed in a 1960’s arena concert. They’re dedicated to raising the energy of the room and sustaining that energy, so that the crowd can open their own doors of perception and thus feel a release of free and primal exhilaration through engagement with the music.

The Doors and the songs of The Doors are powerful metaphors for freedom of expression. The songs were given their birth in the ‘60s, when substantial world events brought about changes in western culture because people needed avenues to express their new ideas of freedom.

Lead singer Tony Dee aka Jim Morrison works the crowd from the opening number of Riders on the Storm to Morrison’s spine chilling poetry Celebration of the Lizard King to the final number of either LA Woman or Roadhouse Blue , this band knows how to bring the audience to a high pitched crescendo!